Eating disorders can be tough to diagnose and even tougher to treat, so we're bringing you this episode to brush up on the basics of diagnosis and management

We go through identifying and managing the major types of RTA. It took me until halfway through residency to keep them straight, here's hoping this episode gets you ahead of where I was

In our first episode dedicated to developmental milestones we go over the basics of speech with an assist from my toddler

You've got three patients with diarrhea on the schedule for clinic - we'll talk through how to decide who needs testing and who should just keep pushing fluids at home

A handy startup guide for a new human - we'll cover initial assessment, preventive care, and screening along with the reasons why we do the things we do for newborns. Spoiler Alert - it's to make sure they stay alive

V2E13 - Measles

Get ready for you next exam or outbreak with our guide to diagnosis, treatment, and most importantly prevention of measles

V2E12 - Limping

Your patient isn't walking quite right - what do you do next? We'll break down the approach to a limping patient to get you on the right track to making a diagnosis

After figuring out how to make the diagnosis in part one, we'll pick up with a review of medications and how to use them to manage your patient's asthma

Asthma is a huge topic in pediatrics, so huge that we're splitting it into two episodes. Here in part one we'll go over the risk factors for asthma, ways to predict which wheezing patients might eventually be diagnosed, and how to make the official diagnosis of asthma

V2E9 - Reflux & GERD

The difference between gastroesophageal reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease and what to do for the patients who need your help

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